Thursday, January 26, 2012

Let's get the advertising out of the way up front!

The Chronicles of the Chosen is an epic fantasy series by M. Cummins Fair that spans two worlds, three generations, and ushers in a new age. The first novel Beyond the Last Tree will be debuting on Kindle and Nook, as well as be available in print soon. Book Two: While the Cat's Away, and Book Three: The Black Hand will follow every few months. The Chronicles of the Chosen will continue with more books as the months progress, with such titles as The Woman of Stone and the Watcher in the Wood.

Beyond the Last Tree is the first in a series of novels set in a post-apocalyptic thirteenth century on a verdant world where gods walk the Lesser Forest and the mortals who worship them serve as their pupils, their puppets – and their prize. The heroine, Morgan has lost her faith. Born to the ancient line of the Keepers of the GodsFire who worshipped the One Who Was Made Two, the death of her brother, Alian, has embittered her and turned her away from her heritage toward the those who embrace the dark arts and their Master, Maaz, the Black Hand. Her disbelief is challenged when her cat, Coven, leads her to a pale youth named Mai who claims to be the agent of the gods of her fore-fathers. At the Guardian’s Hill he explains that she has been recalled to her birthright and asks her to undertake a quest. Not caring who Mai is or what he wants, but only that his offer promises escape from the forested world she feels imprisoned by, Morgan accepts and agrees to journey to the southernmost region of her world to offer Maaz a final chance at redemption.
Only then does she learn that the Black Hand is not only the author of her world’s woes–
But her own.

Here's hoping that sounds intriguing enough to touch the screen of your Kindle or Nook and spend $2.99 to find out! Beyond the Last Tree has been with me as long as my baby - literally - and my baby is 27 years old now. As any mother or father knows, a child that old has done a lot of growing. I was a little younger than my child when the concept for this novel and the others that follow came to me and I started writing. I too have 'grown up' and in the intervening years have written and published a half dozen other novels - always putting BLT (as I call it) aside to finish 'later'. Well, that 'later' has finally come and like any proud parent I am excited to show my 'baby' off to the world - or I will be soon. As you know (if you have kids) when you take a baby anywhere there is a LOT of prep. Let's see, for this one that includes a blog (gee, you're reading it!", a twitter account, a revamp of the website (my other pen name), a Facebook page, creating various .jpgs and background for the above and .... 

hat's not the baby you hear screaming - it's ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I digress.

Anyhow, the baby is almost done being powdered and pampered and dressed up in its finest and should be presentable very soon. Keep an eye out here for the invitation to the shower - I'll be holding it on Kindle and Nook (and in print form, gotta have it for that night time story). Hey, I'm easy. How many showers can you get by spending only $2.99 for a present?

In the weeks and months to follow, I will share a bit about Morgans' world, the characters in the book, and about how The Chronicles of the Chosen have developed and changed over the years. If you write, you may find the journey interesting. If you don't, well, you already know we writers are crazy. This will just give you more fuel!